The Bite Is On! Fishing Report for Ft Lauderdale

Drift Fishing Report

It’s a great season right now for drift fishing in Ft Lauderdale. Spring is a great season to catch smoker kingfish, blackfin tuna and mahi-mahi along the reef. Bottom fishing for snapper and grouper is good this time of year as well. During our morning and afternoon drift trips, we’re catching a good amount of kingfish between 5-10 pounds. Every so often, we’ll catch a giant smoker king upwards of 30 pounds. Mahi-mahi, which are usually an offshore fish, will come in on the reef during the spring for some easy grazing on baitfish. On a few trips this week, in only 100′ of water, we’ve been suddenly jumped by a school of mahi-mahi. It’s good to see them showing up so early.

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Wahoo and Sailfish Biting Great Sport Fishing in Ft Lauderdale

There’s a hot bite going on, trolling the edge of the gulfstream.  Sailfish season has begun and its starting off with a bang.  We’re getting a great early morning and late afternoon bite on the sailfish, and around that time of the day, we’re seeing a lot of free jumpers too.  Sailfish season begins now and lasts till around late February, when the bite finally tapers off.  We should have an excellent sailfish season this year.  We’re seeing a hot bite on the edge for wahoo too, some of them monsters.  On our last Wednesday All Day Dolphin Fishing Trip we caught 3 wahoos all at the same time… a triple header.  Wahoo love fast moving baits, so we’ve been trolling some high speed planers down deep with a skirted double hooked ballyhoo.  Wahooooo!  I love wahoo.

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